Marvin Stern - Tributes

Marvin Stern (1918-2003) contributed much to the lives of the people he touched. At his memorial service on Monday, March 17, 2003, many of his friends and relatives spoke through tears and laughter, and shared how Marvin touched them in a personal way.

This website contains the tributes written by those people, as delivered at the memorial service. Enjoy these readings and relive some of your memories of Marvin.

With love,

The speakers were:
Rabbi Howard Laibson - close friend of the family (and the Rabbi officiating the service)
Sheba Levine - lifelong friend
Betty Friedman - niece
Lorri Walton, Karen Roskovensky and Adam Capaluto - cousins
Eddie Friedman - nephew
Mary Anne Stern - daughter-in-law
Bryan Stern - grandson
Steve Stern - son
Elliott Stern - son

Carol Levine - a "pseudo-niece" (always called him Unca Marvin)
The lyrics to "Once Again" composed in 1942