Marvin wrote (with his best fried, Eddie Leavitt) a song that many of his friends and relatives are quite familiar with: Once Again. It was published in 1942. Eddie Friedman read the lyrics during the service, for us all to enjoy again.

Once Again

Copyright MCMXLII by Edward Leavitt and Marty Stern

Lyrics by Eddie Lane (Leavitt) Music by Marty (Marvin) Stern

They said our love had ended - but I wouldnít realize,
That you and I could part
Our broken hearts have mended proving true love never dies
I hope this will mean another start.

Once Again, I see the promise in your smiling eyes,
I catch a glimpse then of Paradise,
And once again I dare to dream;
(All over again,) in Reverie,

I thrill again to your warm embrace,
The soft surrender in your lovely face,
That I canít erase from my dreams,

Do you recall, all the vows we made dear,
Before we two drifted apart,
We carved our lives on a yielding stone;
Itís heavenly beauty for us alone,

Once Again we shall create a Citadel of love,
And blessings gather from high up above,
To start anew dear, Once Again.