Carol Levine's Memories of Marvin

Written to Steve and Elliott shortly after the service:

For the last week I have been remembering things about your dad. I can see him fussing away in the garage, incensed if someone called the stuff JUNK! And all the stuff that his friend Ledbetter told him that he would try to convince us was true. And him chasing you guys around with his zorry. How did I always get caught between the offender and the zorry?

One time I went to visit him at work. This was when I worked for a short time for LA county and we were inspecting all the county offices. I made sure to go to the Air Pollution Control District and managed to find your dad. He proudly showed me around their labs (they looked a lot like your garage) and then he and his friends played us a tune on various pipettes and such.

What a kick!

And I'll never forget dancing with your dad at all the weddings. Somehow though, I missed dancing with him at my wedding.

And let's never forget the song: Well the ima is the mother and the abba is the father and the moreh is the teacher to all the little yeladeem.

Love, your sister, Carol