Ruthie Friedman wrote:

I wrote the following words for Ethel's 70th birthday (February, 1994), and they are still appropriate today:

Aunt Ethel your birthday is a day to celebrate
'Cause you're a lady who is sure "first rate."
Talented, intelligent, attractive, and genuine too
Your activities have been varied and accomplishments - not just a few.

Every one of your written words are a pearl
From family functions, temple plays, and the political world.
Marvin and you share great communication skills
Even past 70, neither one of you is "over the hill."

Your sons are a source of pride as they've grown into men from delightful little boys
Mary Ann, Karin and Bryan are also part of your life's special joys.
You are a source of inspiration for your grandson
And, with your husband, you are definitely "number one."

Quick witted Ethel always ready with a marvelous smile
Continues through Life's Journey (with Marvin) sharing your clever tales.
If accolades and respect were handed to those we love on a silver platter
You would be on our list for those who, to us, really matter!!

       Love Ya,

       Ruthie and Eddie