Elliott Stern wrote:

"The plays the thingÖ"
     William Shakespeare

"Four score and seven years agoÖ"
     Abraham Lincoln

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
     Neil Armstrong

"May the force be with you"
     Obiwan Kenobi

"Beam me up Scotty, "
     Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

"Iíll be right here"
     ET speaking to Elliott in ET the Extra Teresstrial

Famous Quotes --- Famous People .Recite any of these and the quotes and their authors are recognized immediately

There are few quotes that mean more to me than the quotes I just recited.

They are the quotes and song lyrics my mother wrote for THE SOUND OF NACHAS in 1964.

My mother staged THE SOUND OF NACHAS as a Bar Mitzvah adaptation of the Sound of Music
According to my mother,"Nachas" translates as indescribable joy, pleasure and fullfillment.

It was almost 40 years ago and I was not quite 10 years old. Yet even today I somehow still manage to recite various quotes and creative lyrics from Momís script as though they were written yesterday. I use these one-liners on a daily basis.

The Sound of Nachas, title song and title of the play

Picture Julie Andrews on top of the mountain in the opening scene
(Sung to the tune of the Sound of Music )

My world is alive with the sound of Nachas
I am so overjoyed I could burst at the seams
I forget everything but the sound of Nachas
My heart overflows as I dream my dreams.

Sung to the tune of Get Me to the Church On Time in My Fair Lady

Get me to the Shul or temple on time

The list of songs and lyrics from Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, South Pacific and others goes on and on.

My motherís creative spirit is a part of me even today. Whether writing letters and compiling the weekly bulletin as the secretary at Temple Ner Tamid; Or writing a candelighting ceremony for Steveís or for my own Bar Mitzvah, Momís talents always came through.

Mom wrote the Sound of Nachas as a fund raiser for Temple Ner Tamid in Downey.

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer did not star in Momís adaptation of the Sound of Music. Members of Temple Ner Tamid starred in this award winning play, which ran for a record two consecutive sold out performances in February 1964.

Mom was the writer, producer, director, editor, lyricist, and publicist - She did it all. Am I still proud of this effort, you better believe it.

If you have been with me at any large gathering, you might have heard me say, "Isnít this a lovely luncheon?" This line was spoken by guests at the Bar Mitvah party in Sound of Nachas

Or the Father reviewing the catering estimate with his wife for the Bar Mitzvah party. Listen to momís lyrics sung to the tune of Climb Every Mountain:

Spends all my money
Each cent I earn
She must think itís funny
Guess sheíll never learn

Spends every dollar
Doesnít leave a dime
If I should holler
Sheíd give me at time

You will here me recite this anytime my wife or our nieces go shopping---with my credit card! Incidentally, my father played the part of the caterer in Sound of Nachas.

And speaking of catering a fine affair, mom made a hit with her own version of My Favorite Things:

Hot dogs and meat balls and crisp tiny knishes
Olives and relish and fine Jewish dishes
A fine entertainer and quartet of strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Delicate pastries and good home made strudel
Delicious entrees and chicken soup with noodles
Beautiful tables and plates with gold rings
These are a few of my favorite things

When you come over to my house at Passover, at Thanksgiving, or even later this afternoon, my motherís delicious verses will always permeate our house.

Mom excelled in her creativity and got her own natural high after viewing the results of a job well done. My mother may be gone, but she continues to live on through my personal and professional life. I too take pride and get my own natural high after a successful computer installation, charity fund raiser or special event.

Mom trained me so well. The lines and lyrics from the Sound of Nachas ring loud in my head Ė even 40 years after its debut.

The next time you see the movie or hear the soundtrack from the Sound of Music. donít think Sound of Music. Think Sound of Nachas - of indescribable joy.

The next time you hear Climb Every Mountain, sing Spends All My Money

The next time you hear You are sixteen going on seventeen,. think of a Bar Mitvah boy singing, Almost thirteen going on fourteen, My lifeís about to startÖ   Youíll carry the memory of mother with you and truly be inspired by her creativity, talent and love.

Iíll miss you mom but you are not really gone. Your creative talents permeate my very soul.

I guess it was your turn to say: "Beam me up!"

"Your passing has left a great disturbance in the force."    But since you have been a part of all of our lives. and I am quoting your own lyrics from the title song of The Sound of Nachas

The world is truly alive with the sound of Nachas
May it last forever more

Rest assured momÖ

I am that little boy Elliott in ET. I know --- "youíll always be right here."