July 15, 2002

To Grandma,

Writing birthday, anniversary, thank you notes, and letters come naturally to me and although this one is not easy to do, I just wanted to let you know how much of an influence you have had on my life.

For me, you always seemed to be the middle ground. For instance when we lived back in California, and I was living with dad and Karin and was tired of seeing my mom, you and grandpa were there to visit with me just for the simple pleasure of spending time with each other.

Even recently, talking to you on the phone (although neither one of our lives changed that much from week to week), you were a GREAT listener. I could tell you about my joys, concerns, and overall life and you could tell me about yours.

I have been extremely lucky to have 3 sets of grandparents who love with all their hearts and vice versu. Even though you have a lot of family out here, being your only grandchild, I could always count on your unconditional love no matter what I did or said. I can remember going to that swanky Italian restaurant for grandpaís 75th birthday and you both having a wonderful time.

The other big memory that comes to mind is that big party we had in the rec. room at Huntington Landmark a few years back and remembering how happy it made you to see us all reminisce about old times. Come to think about it, seeing the whole family together always seemed to make you cry. I can remember going to the movies, playing putt putt, watching plays, being there for new years, going to Legoland, having family come over and visit, and of course going to everyoneís favorite restaurant- Soup Plantation.

But, I think the memory that sticks out best is the way the kitchen in your condo smelled when you were cooking French toast on any one of my many visits. Actually, I ate very well when I came out to visit you.

Though none of us can speak for you now, I really canít think of anything that would make you smile more is seeing all the family in the same room. Not only could I count on your emotional support but also monetarily if needed.

Enjoy spending time with your friends and family (Parkinsonís free) who have been waiting for you. Everyone is here to take care of Grandpa in whatever way he needs. Obviously I wish you were here physically, but you will be in all of our hearts forever.

I really just wanted to thank you for taking the time to listen, teach, love, and really for telling me how proud you are of me. Please know that I will miss you a lot and LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.


RY (your sweet potato)